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Have you heard of
the SAT Monster?

It hides underneath high school students' beds, telling them that no matter how hard they work, they will never get into college. It's the voice in the back of a parent's mind telling them they are powerless to help their child's academic success. Whether it's the SAT monster, the AP Calculus Monster, the 6th grade science Monster, or simply a child who has always been told he or she could never succeed academically due to dyslexia, ADD, or ADHD, I am there to help.

Tutoring Services

The Crafting Scholars SAT and ACT process begins with a diagnostics baseline test to design the optimal curriculum for each student. Since all thinkers are unique, our process begins by fingerprinting our students' thought processes pertaining to standardized test taking. Based on the results, a professional curriculum designer will lay out the necessary steps to ensure optimal test performance on either the SAT or the ACT.

Along the same lines of our standardized test approach, we design customized lessons for students in all academic areas to provide support. Our learning specialist also work closely with the classroom teacher to maintain consistency, and best help our students succeed. As a company, we can service most academic areas for K-12 students.

Private one on one sessions

Meet with student's teachers to assess plan of improvement

Capable of tutoring any and all subject areas (from pre-K to all AP classes)

Focus on specific content area improvement, academic organization, and study skills approach

SAT Class

The Crafting Scholars SAT course is unique because each class becomes customized to the students’ needs. While it is necessary to cover content related information, the Crafting Scholars SAT course not only explains specific content, but Kris works with each student to discover their strengths and weaknesses relating to the SAT. From there, the student and Kris will devise a customized study plan to optimize performance on the actual test. With students’ learning styles in mind, Kris also works with the students to structure test taking strategies that will work best for their individual needs.

12 hours of instruction
All subjects taught by the same instructor to ensure congruency
Focus on four main Math subject areas of Numbers and Operations, Algebra Expression, Geometry and Measurement, and Statistics to ensure competency in subject material
Focus on Improving Sentences, Improving Paragraphs, Passage Based Reading, and Writing to ensure competency in subject material
Devote time to customized strategy development as well as time management strategies
Each student receives a customized curriculum for better SAT success, based on their current strengths and weaknesses
Each student receives nightly SAT problems, graded by the instructor with feedback sent.

About Us

Founded in 2013, Kris Harris captured a passion for helping students and created a customized process to enable student success. Bringing ten years of tutoring experience, Kris founded Crafting Scholars to strengthen every willing students’ confidence in themselves, abilities to critically reason, and inspire a curiosity for learning. Our current team brings a plethora of unique experience to the academic field. From chemical engineering, CMS administration, and private school educators, these learning specialists also decorate their resumes with degrees in chemistry, mathematics, English, education, physics peppered with a mixture of master’s degrees.

Our Location

Conveniently located at 5800 Monroe Rd, our learning center is available to those who strive to become the best possible scholar, and unlock their true learning potential.

Let's Start Learning