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Have you heard of the Testing Monster?

He hides underneath high school students’ beds, telling them that no matter how hard they work, they will never get into college.

He whispers in parent’s ears, telling them they are powerless to help their child’s academic success.

He causes confusion in everyone’s mind as to how to prepare and achieve testing success!

Have you heard of the Testing Monster?

He hides underneath high school students’ beds, telling them that no matter how hard they work, they will never get into college.

He whispers in parent’s ears, telling them they are powerless to help their child’s academic success.

He causes confusion in everyone’s mind as to how to prepare and achieve testing success!


How do we defeat the Testing Monster?

  • By understanding the way a student thinks and processes information.
  • By providing a customized baseline test to examine each student’s unique academic strengths, weaknesses, and existing problem-solving methodology.
  • By creating a personalized curriculum for the SAT/ACT to ensure score growth.

Together, we can equip your student with the skill set to defeat the Testing Monster.

Academic Tutoring

Each student learns at a different pace and has different skills.

We provide each student with a customized lesson plan based on his/her unique desires and skills. Additionally, we pair the student with a learning specialist who can best address the student’s specific needs. To maintain consistency throughout the process, the learning specialist works closely with the Crafting Scholar’s curriculum designer and the student’s teacher to ensure optimal success.  Our exceptional tutoring team can service most academic areas for middle and high school students, including experience with the International Baccalaureate and AP programs.

All tutoring sessions are private one-on-one meetings with the goal of enhancing specific content area improvement, academic organization, and study skills approach. The number of sessions needed is determined once the initial evaluation takes place.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

No cookie-cutter approach!

The Crafting Scholars Testing course is unique because it is customized. We begin by having each student take the Crafting Scholar’s proprietary diagnostics baseline test. Since all thinkers are unique, our process begins by fingerprinting each student’s thought processes pertaining to standardized test-taking. Based on the results, a professional curriculum designer will lay out the necessary steps to ensure optimal test performance on either the SAT or the ACT. While it is essential to cover content-related information, the Crafting Scholars testing course not only explains specific content but provides each student a blueprint of their strengths and weaknesses. From there, the curriculum designer will devise a personalized study plan to optimize performance on the actual test.

All students will receive the following:

  • All subjects taught by the same learning specialist to ensure congruency.
  • Each student receives a customized curriculum for better test success based on identified strengths and weaknesses.
  • Each student receives “homework” test problems to at the end of each session to build on the learning strategies of the tutoring sessions.
  • Focus on four main Math subject areas of Numbers and Operations, Algebra Expression, Geometry and Measurement, and Statistics to ensure competency in the subject material.
  • Focus on Improving Sentences, Improving Paragraphs, Passage-Based Reading, and Writing to ensure competency in the subject material.
  • Devote time to customized strategy development, as well as time management strategies.

Download the 2018 - 2019 Test Dates


Kris Harris founded Crafting Scholars in 2013 on the premise that each student’s learning pattern is different. Therefore, all tutoring should be customized to each student’s specific needs to ensure success.

Our philosophy is simple:

The Student’s needs come FIRST. Not the parent. Not the teacher.

We believe that every student is a unique learner. Our approach is to partner with each student to learn how they process information and then deliver customized tutoring solutions that will unlock their academic potential. We strive for excellence in all we do to afford our students and staff alike with a safe, professional, and stimulating environment that promotes academic success and a life-long desire for knowledge.

Core Values:

Academic integrity

Building confidence

Healthy motivation




Nurture, don’t lecture

Having fun

Our team of learning specialists brings a plethora of unique experience to the academic field. From chemical engineering, CMS administration, and private school educators, these learning specialists also decorate their resumes with degrees in chemistry, mathematics, English, education, physics peppered with a mixture of master’s degrees.


We are proud to serve numerous schools in the Charlotte area and appreciate the parents and students who are pleased with our results. Below is a sampling of comments from our valued clients:

“Kris has been awesome in helping our daughter navigate and prepare for SAT, ACT and college applications. We have all loved working with him. We are so grateful to have had him help us all through this process!” – Katie E.

“Crafting Scholars is amazing!! Help my kids weekly with any subject. It takes so much stress out of school work knowing we have someone to help every week. We would be lost this week studying for exams without Crafting Scholars!”– Stephanie S.

“We had heard about Kris for several years before we ever called Crafting Scholars.  Friends had used his services for SAT prep, Chemistry, organizational planning and all sorts of Math.  We reached out when our third child needed support with her first AP class.  Emily Hisamoto, on staff at Crafting Scholars is working with Anna to understand how to make the jump to AP coursework from Honors level.  She is helping her organize her time and assignments and with test review.  We are coming once a week with additional hours during mid-term exams.  Anna’s grades have improved, and she has become more confident facing the challenges of AP.” – Susan F.

“I can always count on the talent and compassion of the tutors at Crafting Scholars. Whether the focus is on a particular subject, such as AP Math or preparing for the SAT, Crafting Scholars always delivers. Both my children have benefited from the one-on-one tutor sessions and I appreciate the consistent feedback from their tutor. I highly recommend their services for any high school student needing extra help with their studies.”- Tiz B.

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Crafting Scholars works with students, primarily, in the South Charlotte area. Conveniently located at 5800 Monroe Rd, our learning center is available to those who strive to become the best possible scholar and unlock their true learning potential.

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