There is no denying that this school year has been one unlike any other. As spring break wraps up and summer is in sight, it can be difficult for students to stay as active and engaged as they once were. They are ready for school to be done. But the school year isn’t over yet, and these last few weeks still matter, so make them count.

1. Get (Re) Organized.

Dump out your bookbag and sort through all of your materials. Make sure that papers and notes for each subject are all together. Do the same with your desk or workspace at home. If you need more paper, pens, pencils, notecards, or other supplies, restock so you’re ready to go when school returns after spring break, especially now that so many schools are back to full-time in-person classes. If you’ve been saving electronic documents to a flash drive, ensure that there is still enough room for the last few weeks. Take the time to organize your Google drive too if that’s what you’ve been working from.

2. Follow Up on Assignments.

Go back and check your grades. Do you have missing assignments or projects? Find out if there is still time to turn them in for full or partial credit. If your grades are not where you want them to be, be more mindful about completing assignments correctly and thoroughly and turning them in on time. Even if tasks are listed online, it may help to write them down in a planner so you can cross things off as you go and schedule your time accordingly to fit everything in.

3. Stay Focused.

It can be so hard to maintain your focus during the last few weeks of school, but you have come so far, so don’t throw away all that hard work. Set goals to keep yourself motivated and so you have something to work toward. Schedule in some breaks and downtime so you don’t get burned out at the last minute – maintaining an organized schedule can help too, so you’re not cramming in a lot of assignments and studying all at once.

4. Identify Gaps.

If this year has been challenging for you with remote learning or shifting between online and in-person instruction, you are not alone. It was a lot to adjust to. With finals coming up and registering for courses for next year, you may be concerned that you didn’t learn everything you needed to know this year in order to be ready. Crafting Scholars offers diagnostic testing for math, reading, writing, and study skills to identify any gaps and course correct to help you get back on the right path and build a stronger foundation for upcoming classes. Contact us today to learn more and sign up!