A Truly Student-Centered Approach

Crafting Scholars takes a truly student-centered approach to academic support and test preparation. We do not use a “one-size-fits-all” program for tutoring offering generic strategies and content support. Instead, each student’s strengths and weaknesses are analyzed in order to build a customized learning program and plan to help them improve.

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Our Guiding Mission

At Crafting Scholars, we believe that every student is unique. Our approach is to partner with each student to learn how they process information, and then deliver customized tutoring solutions that will unlock their academic potential.

By inspiring a passion for life-long learning, we aim to grow healthy academic communities comprising free and sound thinkers to better contribute to our global community.

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A Team Approach

We use a variety of diagnostic tests to understand how each student learns and processes information. Lessons are designed with their learning style in mind to enable them to more effectively engage with the material. We partner with the student’s teachers to align our curriculum builds with the content and skills they are learning, and every lesson is individually created by our curriculum designer. It is a team approach to providing students with optimal help tailored to their unique needs and goals.

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Building a Strong Foundation

In addition to subject tutoring and test prep, Crafting Scholars also focuses on equipping students with effective study skills. Oftentimes when students are struggling in class, it is because they do not understand how to properly take notes, organize their materials, or study in a way that they are able to retain the information. Not only do we supplement content to reinforce key skills, but we also show students different ways to approach material based on their learning style and strengths.

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Unlocking Students’ Potential

Whether working with students in-person or online, we provide personalized attention and support. From assisting students in preparing for the SATs or ACTs to building their confidence in their writing skills to enhancing understanding of core subjects, we work with students along each step of the way as they become more successful.

Our programs are geared toward students in grades 6-12 at both public and private schools, as well as students who are home schooled. We are able to work with students across the country using online meeting software in addition to providing in-person services at our office in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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About Our Team

The team at Crafting Scholars is composed of bachelor- and masters-level trained educators from a broad range of backgrounds. Hailing from universities such as Georgia Tech, UNC Chapel Hill, Elon University, and Appalachian State, they hold degrees across all core subjects, have at least three to four years of education experience, and are passionate about equipping students with the skills they need to be more successful.

How We Hire

All of our learning specialists go through a rigorous interview, vetting, and training process. Just like our students, they too complete a comprehensive diagnostic test to identify their strengths and learning style. This allows us to better pair students with a learning specialist that complements their needs. Once matched, students continue working with the same specialist throughout their time at Crafting Scholars to build trust and consistency.

Professional Development

Our team is constantly engaging with new materials and content through regular professional development. We stay abreast of the changing demands and expectations of the education field and what students need to know. We challenge each other to continually improve.

Lightbulb Moments

We love guiding students in having “lightbulb moments” where what they are learning clicks and suddenly makes sense. Our team is committed to providing personalized support in a nurturing environment to help students reach their goals and maximize their potential.

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