Whether students are struggling with one subject or multiple subjects, Crafting Scholars can help.

We coordinate with students’ teachers regarding the content being covered as well as materials used. Then, we use the results from our diagnostic testing to build a customized learning plan that presents information according to the student’s learning style and how they process information. Supplemental materials are used to reinforce key skills and support students in better engaging with the content.

In addition, our learning specialists incorporate essential study skills to improve how students take notes, organize assignments, and study for exams while in class or at home. These are strategies that they can continue to apply throughout their education and in multiple subjects.

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Specific Content Areas Offered

  • All levels of math, including AP courses such as Calculus and Statistics.
  • General Science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Environmental Science
  • All levels of English
  • History, including AP courses such as U.S. History, European History, and World History
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing Mechanics
  • Spanish
  • ISEE
  • SSAT
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Don’t see the course you’re looking for? Just ask!

We are happy to discuss your student’s individual needs and see if we are able to accommodate those subjects.

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