The last thing on many students’ minds at the end of the school year is next school year. They are ready for summer vacation. This mental break can be good, but it is also beneficial to not completely abandon working on key skills. Continuing to practice subjects such as reading and math helps students to be more prepared for the upcoming year and stay in the swing of things. Summer tutoring can be a wonderful way to bridge gaps and support students in feeling more confident for the upcoming year.

Why Sign Up for Summer Tutoring?

1. Less Pressure

Tutoring sessions tend to be fairly short and only once or twice a week, unlike school which is seven or eight hours a day every day. Students aren’t spending their whole day focused on studying and practicing course work. They are not overwhelmed with having to complete multiple assignments for multiple classes because they are working on just one or two subjects. Their schedule tends to be less hectic over the summer as well, and tutoring sessions can be scheduled to fit their availability. Plus, with virtual options, they can be done anywhere.

2. Focused Instruction

Summer tutoring can be used to zero in on specific areas of need. Diagnostic testing can be used to identify any gaps in learning, then a customized curriculum is created to target those skills. Students are not covering an entire semester or year worth of information; their efforts are concentrated on topics they are struggling with or don’t quite have a strong understanding of yet. And, since sessions are one-on-one, students can ask whatever questions they have and the attention is focused on them and their needs.

3. Reduce Learning Loss

A big concern every summer is the backslide in learning when students are not actively using the skills they have been taught. Teachers spend a lot of time reviewing and reteaching come fall. By keeping students engaged and practicing what they have been working on, summer tutoring can help decrease learning loss. Students are able to keep their minds sharp and reinforce important concepts.

4. Build Foundational Skills

The summer can also be a great time to continue developing essential skills such as better study habits, organization, note taking, test-taking strategies, comprehension, and more. They can also build a better understanding of their learning style and what strategies can help them be more successful in the classroom. They can apply these skills in multiple classes as they progress in their education.

5. Get a Jump Start

In addition to bridging gaps from the previous year, students can also get a head start on skills they’ll need for next year. They can begin laying a solid foundation so when they see it in the future, they already have a basic understanding they can build upon. This may help ease their anxiety as well by knowing what to expect and realizing that it is not as hard as it may seem at first.

Sophomores and juniors in high school may also want to use the summer to start preparing for the SATs and ACTs so they can devote more attention to their studying without having to worry about other classes or obligations. Then they can take the test at the end of summer or beginning of fall and still have time to retake it if necessary, without feeling rushed.

Crafting Scholars works with each individual student to understand their needs, goals, and learning styles. We offer a variety of diagnostic tests to assess learning and identify gaps so that we can craft customized curricula that focuses on what they need to know. Contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment for summer tutoring!