Back to School: 5 Tips for Adjusting to a New School

No matter your child’s age, adjusting to a new school can be tough. It’s a whole new environment: new teachers, new friends, new schedules, new routines. While some kids are outgoing and settle in quickly, for others, it can take more time. Help your child adapt and get the school year started on the right foot:

1. Talk to Them

One of the easiest ways to calm their nerves is through talking. Discuss what they’re most worried about or excited about. Let your child lead the way so you hear what they have to say and not what you think may be on their mind. Brainstorm ways to make new friends and interact with others. If you switched schools, share your own stories about how you overcame your fears or challenges and made the best of things.

2. Visit the School

See if you can arrange a tour ahead of time. Your child may feel more comfortable if they know the basic layout of the school, where their classroom is, how to navigate the cafeteria, and where the nurse’s office is before school starts. If there is a meet the teacher night before school starts, make sure to go so your child can say hello and see who else will be in their class.

3. Meet the Neighbors

Chances are, there are plenty of other kids your new neighborhood who go to the same school. Spend some time at the playground, pool, or local library as a way to meet others. Your child may make some fast friends who are in the same grade, or at least become familiar with kids in other grades so they don’t feel so alone. If they’re into sports, music, dance, or other activities, try to get them signed up before school starts as another way to socialize and make friends.

4. Stock Up on Supplies

The last thing you want your child to worry about is not having the right supplies for school. Grab a supply list and let them help pick out what they need. Let them select a new backpack or lunchbox to get them more excited for the year too. Not sure what to get? Don’t be afraid to reach out to the school or their teacher and ask!

5. Catch Up on Academics

If your child struggled last year, or their new school has its own curriculum and standards, consider signing them up for tutoring ahead of the school year. This way they can brush up on what they’ve already learned and get on track with what they need to know heading into the next grade. They can also start the year off strong with solid study and organization skills as well as somewhere to turn if there are concepts they don’t understand.

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