Crafting Scholars Introduces Online Classes for Multiple Subjects

Coronavirus has caused a major shakeup in public education. With the closure of schools through at least mid-May, districts are shifting to distance learning as students are forced to stay home. Teachers, students, and parents alike are trying to adjust and make the best of the situation. It takes time and patience from everyone to find a new normal, at least for now.

As parents are faced with helping their children navigate schoolwork at home, this can become a stressful time. Students are often focusing on content or skills that parents may not have thought about in years. And even if they have, it can be hard to explain concepts in a way that students understand.

Supporting Students Through Online Classes

To help keep students on pace with learning and current with grade-level content, Crafting Scholars has launched online classes in math, English, science, and history. Classes cover curriculum and key skills that students would typically be learning in school. They are broken down week by week and allow students to continue building their understanding and applying what they are learning. These classes are not for credit, but they can be advantageous in supporting students from falling behind.

Individualized learning. Classes can be taught one-on-one to ensure that your child receives the focused instruction they need to be more successful. Courses are custom-created to align with your child’s needs and where they are at in their learning.

Small group instruction. Online courses can also be taught to a small group of 3 to 5 students if children want to learn alongside their peers or do better in this type of setting. The curriculum is still designed to ensure students are getting the most out of the content and keeping up with critical skills.

Increased focus. Oftentimes it is easier for students to learn when it is coming from someone other than their parents. They tend to pay more attention and be more responsive. Plus, our learning specialists are trained in each subject they teach and know how to present information in a way that makes sense.

Less stress. You don’t have to stress yourself out that you can’t remember the quadratic equation, how to analyze a short story, or what covalent bonds are. Yes, there are a lot of resources your child’s teacher will be providing them, but Crafting Scholars’ online classes are yet another tool you have at your disposal to support their learning and help them stay on track. And we do all of the hard work for you by creating and teaching the courses that fit with your child’s educational needs.

Remember that you are not in this alone, and everyone wants to help students to be as successful as possible. If your child could benefit from individualized (or small group) online instruction in math, science, English, or history, contact Crafting Scholars today to get started. We will make it through this together.