Tutoring can transform your grades, your goals, even your attitude — but only if you’re willing to invest in it. It’s a two-way street, and you’ll get out of it as much as you want to put into it.

And when it comes to giving it your all, there’s no better icon than Pawnee’s own Leslie Knope — the patron saint of planning, working hard, and achieving big results.

So as you prepare for a tutoring session, you could do worse than to put yourself in the mindset of the Parks and Recreation legend. As you get ready to meet with your tutor, just say KNOPE!

Start with the Binders

And how do you think like Leslie, exactly? One key approach is to prepare. You’ll notice that any time Leslie shows up for a meeting, she has binders upon binders of well-organized, detailed content — often assembled in all-night sessions the night beforehand.

You may not love binders. You may not be especially well-organized. And you certainly don’t have to pull all-nighters to prepare for tutoring. But you can make sure you’ve got all your materials assembled — including syllabuses, notes, tutoring plans, and a list of questions or issues for your tutor.

Trust the Team

Leslie Knope is nothing if not a highly capable person, but she was also wise enough to know she couldn’t accomplish big things on her own. Remember the Harvest Festival? Or the Unity Concert? She couldn’t have done those things without a little help from Ron and from Tom and from the rest of the gang.

Likewise, you don’t have to fly solo in your pursuit of academic excellence. You can and you should get great people in your corner. Your tutor is one, but what about friends you can call when you have questions, or just need a word of encouragement? And what about teachers who are willing to help you identify the main areas you need to focus on in tutoring sessions? Be willing to fall back on your team — just like Leslie always did.

Be a YES Person

Her name might be Knope, but Leslie isn’t someone who takes no for an answer. Throughout the series, she deals with one obstacle after another, and always assumes there is a creative way forward.

School can really seem daunting, and there may be times when you feel like you’ll never get it — but hang in there! Working with your tutor, you can find a creative and effective approach that’s just right for your learning style.

And at Crafting Scholars, we’d love to help you brainstorm the right solution to help you meet your every academic goal. Just like Knope, we are yes people through and through — and we believe there is an effective tutoring approach for anyone. Contact us today to learn more!