How Parents Can Help Students Succeed in Tutoring

As a parent, it can be tough to watch your child struggle in school. You want to see them succeed at everything they do. One way to help your student achieve better results is to get them involved in tutoring for classes they find difficult. But this is not a fix-all solution. In order for it to work, as a parent, you must be actively involved too.

Talk positively about tutoring.

Children can be resistant to tutoring because they may see it as a punishment or a sign that they’re not smart. This is not true at all. Assure your child that they are intelligent, but everyone has areas where they excel and areas where they need more help. Talk about your own challenges and times you’ve asked for help to overcome them. Be encouraging about how tutoring can benefit them in all of their classes by equipping them with strategies and tools they can use.

Communicate with your child’s tutor.

Be open about any concerns you may have and let them know what strategies you have tried before. Talk about ways they can better connect with your child and motivate them. Ask about things you can be doing at home to support what they have been working on. Follow up to see how things are progressing and what changes they have noticed. Communicate with your child as well and encourage them to be open and honest with their tutor so they can get the help they need.

Make sure they’re doing the work.

Keep tabs on your child’s homework and any tasks they are assigned by the tutor. Make sure they’re actually putting in the time and effort to do their work to the best of their ability. Create a quiet, organized space devoted to homework where they have the resources they need. Check in with their teachers regarding their grades, performance, and work completion if you’re not sure if everything is getting done.

Keep learning going at home.

Find ways to incorporate what your child is working on in tutoring at home. If they’re practicing fractions, ask them to help you follow a recipe for dinner or divide up leftovers. Working on reading comprehension? Have them read directions and then tell you the next steps, or read an article and discuss what happened. You don’t have to sit down and drill information — you can make it fun and integrate it into what you’re already doing.

Have your student teach you.

Turn the tables and have your child teach you what they learned. It can be a helpful way to practice while also assessing if they’re picking up on necessary skills and concepts. Sit down with them as they do their homework and practice together so they can show you how to do the work. This can also boost their confidence in their abilities.

Tutoring can be a great way to enhance your child’s learning and help them stay on track in school. Remember that we all have our strengths and areas for improvement, but with the right support and strategies, your child can be more successful in all areas. Crafting Scholars creates personalized learning plans based on your child’s learning styles, thought processes, and unique needs. Sign up for tutoring today and watch them grow!