How Students can Benefit from Learning a Foreign Language

One of the graduation requirements at most high schools is taking a least a year or two of a foreign language. While some students opt to take more (or are involved in immersion programs from the time they are young), other students barely make it through the required classes. While your child may balk at having to learn a second language, there are actually a lot of benefits that can come from this process.

· It can increase cultural awareness.

Students learn much more than just the language. They also learn the history behind different cultures. They experience different traditions, foods, and activities that are associated with the language in order to better connect with the vocabulary and concepts. Having even basic proficiency in a foreign language can allow them to gain a new perspective and appreciate not only other cultures, but their own as well.

· It can boost their cognitive abilities.

Learning a new language builds neural pathways. It forces students to think and process information in a different way. They must listen more closely and engage in critical thinking to figure out what is being said and what they want to say in response because it doesn’t come as naturally as their first language. These same skills can be used across multiple aspects of learning.

· It can improve their English skills.

Different languages have different structures. The way you construct a sentence in English is not the same as in Spanish or German. Students develop a stronger grasp of the parts of speech and become more aware of what they are saying and how they are saying it. Building vocabulary in a foreign language can also help them increase their vocabulary in English as they figure out new ways of describing or translating things.

· It can give them an advantage in the job market.

Being able to speak a second language can be advantageous when applying for different jobs. It gives individuals the ability to communicate with a broader range of people and reach different markets. It also shows their dedication and commitment to learning a new skill and wanting to be able to connect with others.

These are just a few of the benefits that come with learning a foreign language. It’s often easier to pick up a different language when you’re younger, so students have an advantage in starting early and not waiting until they’re adults. It takes time and effort to become proficient, so encourage your child to keep working hard and studying.

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