How Tutoring Can Complement Remote Learning

As summer quickly winds to a close, a new school year is about to begin. For many districts, that means fully online or hybrid learning. A lot of families are scrambling to figure out what that means for their schedules and jobs. It also means coming up with a plan to ensure that their child is as successful as possible, no matter what their learning environment might look like.

Whether being taught online or in person, some subjects come easier to students than others. When faced with remote learning, it may be more difficult for some students to effectively understand the material or stay engaged. It’s a brand-new skill set that they are still developing, and learning how to navigate online resources and platforms can be tough.

Crafting Scholars understands your concerns and the challenges that students face. That is why we have rolled out a variety of new programs in addition to our regular courses. Some programs are held online, some are in person, and some can be done either way. Tutoring can be a great way to bridge gaps, supplement learning, and present information in a different way to meet your child’s needs.

Staying Organized

Students are used to handouts and writing down assignments in their planner. Switching to managing everything online can be hard. With Crafting Scholars’ academic organization class, students learn how to better navigate online platforms, keep track of assignments and due dates, and develop better questions to ask when interacting with materials. We can also provide additional materials as necessary to reinforce key concepts.

Another option is engaging in a proctored study hall at the center. This supports students in effectively managing their time, working through assigned tasks, and getting one-on-one help if they get stuck or need assistance. Students who may have trouble focusing at home or need someone to keep them on task can find this very beneficial.

Content Support

Whether your child is doing synchronous or asynchronous online learning, there are times when certain concepts are hard to grasp. Their teacher may be helping another student or not available during the time they are working on the assignment, making it challenging to ask questions and get answers. Crafting Scholars’ learning specialists are here to offer supplemental instruction and answer class-related questions. They can explain content in different ways and also provide additional materials to reinforce skills.

Math is one area specifically that students tend to struggle with. Each week, we will offer Math I, II, III, and Pre-Calc content classes for small groups that cover all required curriculum standards. This ensures that students are building a strong foundation and understanding key concepts for the course.

In addition, Crafting Scholars’ supports students in becoming stronger writers and creating grade-level appropriate essays and written assignments. We work on writing mechanics and provide constructive feedback to enhance skills and bridge any gaps.

Starting the Year Off Strong

This school year is sure to be full of adjustments and learning as we go, but everyone is committed to ensuring that students receive the quality education and support they need to thrive. If you are worried about your child’s access to and understanding of information, we encourage you to take advantage of available tutoring and academic support solutions. Crafting Scholars will work with you to create a plan that fits your child’s needs. Contact us today to learn more and get started!