As summer winds down, many schools are planning to resume in-person instruction in the fall. This can be a major change for students who spent much of the last school year in remote learning or only a few days a week in person. Whereas students have become used to interacting through video conferencing and submitting all of their work and exams online, there is a good chance that manual processes and paper materials will return to some extent.

How can you help your child feel more prepared for the upcoming year?

Get New School Supplies

A lot of students ditched note-taking last year when using laptops or tablets. There was no need to organize their backpacks because they didn’t leave home. This year will be different. Make sure they have all the school supplies they need such as notebooks, binders, loose-leaf paper, folders, pencils, erasers, highlighters, calculators, index cards, and other tools. Get them back into the swing of working in the classroom instead of the comfort of their own home.

Return to Routines

Think ahead about what needs to happen to prepare for school each day. No more rolling out of bed and logging onto Zoom. What time will they need to wake up to shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, pack a lunch, and catch the bus? Plan to set out clothes and double-check that backpacks are ready the night before.

Start the bedtime/wakeup routine a few weeks before school starts. Get them used to going to bed earlier and getting up earlier so it is not such a shock to their system. You want them to be awake, alert, and ready to go when the school bell rings. Decide what their routine will look like for after the school day ends as well, as far as balancing homework, studying, and extracurriculars.

Talk about Protocols

Pay attention to the news and any information the school sends out regarding scheduling, buses, masks, social distancing, and other safety protocols that will be in place. Talk to your child about what to expect and discuss any fears or concerns they may have. It has likely been a while since they have been in the classroom, so it can be helpful to know what to expect.

Encourage Asking Questions

With remote learning, it was easier for students to blend in and do just enough to get by. The expectations will be higher with in-person learning. Encourage your child to speak up and ask questions if there is something they do not understand. There are likely concepts that they did not fully master last year that will come up again. Remind them that other students probably have the same questions, and they are not alone. Be proactive about staying on top of assignments, projects, and tests.

Brush Up on Study and Organizational Skills

Remote learning is a lot different than being in the classroom. Many students have forgotten how to effectively take notes, organize their materials, study for tests, and follow other strategies to be more successful in class. Crafting Scholars recognizes these challenges and offers a program that assists students in identifying areas for improvement and reinforcing these critical skills as they transition back into the classroom.

Contact us today to learn more and develop a plan to support your child in being as successful as possible this year.