School may be out for the summer, but many rising juniors already have the SATs and ACTs on their mind. Now can be a great time to start preparing to take these exams at the end of summer or in the fall. Students can keep the momentum going from the past school year and reinforce what they have learned as they study for these exams. Opting for summer study sessions can have some benefits:

Increased flexibility.

During the school year, students were often limited in the amount of time they had to prepare. Study sessions and test prep were worked in after school or practice, around jobs, or on the weekend. With many sports over for the season and school out, students have a lot more flexibility. They can spread their studying out and pick a time that works best for them. Perhaps they are most alert and ready to learn in the morning, or maybe afternoon is ideal.

Plus, students can choose from in-person or online preparation programs. If virtual learning worked well for them, they can get one-on-one instruction online and get help no matter where they may be. Preparation can be done at home, the library, a grandparent’s house, or anywhere else that has a strong Internet connection. If they prefer to be more hands-on and tend to do better with in-person instruction, that’s an option as well. Students can choose what works for their learning style and schedule.

Concentrated effort.

Rather than working on multiple subjects every day, students can focus on one area at a time. They aren’t trying to balance studying, homework, and exams with also preparing for the SAT or ACT. Their attention can be devoted to this one task. Plus, they can go at their own pace and spend more time working on topics they may be struggling with and less time on those they already know.

Fewer distractions.

A lot of students have fewer obligations over the summer and less rigid schedules. This means they can plan out their SAT/ACT prep over the weeks leading up to the test rather than cramming in study sessions when they have a night off. They can work around other commitments because they have more free time and flexibility in scheduling their test prep. This can make the process less stressful.

Pace yourself.

Look ahead to when you want to take the SAT or ACT. Each exam is offered seven times per year. By starting your test prep over the summer, you can take the exam in the early fall and still have time to retest again later in the fall, over the winter, or even in the spring if you need to. If you decide to retake the test, you’re not starting from scratch – just reinforcing what you’ve already been working on in order to improve your score.

Crafting Scholars offers testing to help students decide whether they are better suited for the SAT or ACT, then creates a custom curriculum aligned with their strengths and areas of need. Students can feel more confident that they know what to expect and are equipped with strategies and knowledge to help them demonstrate their abilities. It’s not too early to start preparing for the future. Contact Crafting Scholars to learn more about our SAT and ACT prep programs.