Now that students are back in the classroom, that means more papers are being handed out, notes are being taken, and projects are being assigned. With all of this flurry of activity and deadlines, effective organizational skills are a must. If your child frequently misplaces things or forgets to write tasks down, it can lead to incomplete assignments. Here are a few ways that you can help your child stay more organized this year:

Give Everything a Place

If your child has a binder, use dividers so each subject has its own section. If they have separate notebooks, pick a different color for each subject with a matching folder to store loose papers. Encourage your child to file things away where they belong as soon as they receive them and go over everything after school to make sure nothing is misplaced. At home, organize their desk so that all of their school supplies have their own spot, and they can quickly locate what they need. Remind them to put things back where they belong when they are done.

Use Checklists

Work with your child to create a list of everything that needs to be done. Prioritize it with the most important tasks at the top. This way they can do one assignment at a time and check or cross it off when they are done. Break down big projects into smaller parts this way as well so they do not seem so overwhelming, and no activities get missed.

Take Advantage of Templates

Templates can be a great way to keep notes organized. Follow the same setup every time so they know exactly where certain information goes and where to find what they are looking for when they study. This can also help them to focus on what is most important. Another type of template is their planner. Write down assignments, test dates, project due dates, and upcoming events so that they can plan accordingly and manage their time. They can even color-code their planner with each type of entry having a designated color.

Develop a Routine

Maintaining a consistent routine can help with organization as well. This could include the order in which they do their assignments, how much time they spend studying, or where they put important papers. If they are always rushing out the door in the morning and forgetting things, make part of their nighttime routine double-checking that their bookbag is packed with everything they need for the next day (and checking their desk to make sure nothing was left behind!).

Organization takes practice. Crafting Scholars can help students build more effective strategies and skills to stay organized and manage their time. They can feel more confident going into class and knowing they have what they need, that they can effectively sort and file any work they receive, and that they can plan accordingly for assignments, projects, and tests. Contact Crafting Scholars today to learn more about our programs to boost organization and student success.