Why SAT Prep is Not Just for High School Seniors

Taking the SATs is one of the culminating activities of the high school experience. Seniors use these scores as part of their application packages in addition to grades, extracurriculars, accomplishments, and essays. The test can seem rather intimidating due to the wide range of topics it covers and the three- to four-hour time allowance.

Many people assume that SAT prep is geared toward high school seniors or rising seniors, but younger students can benefit from study support as well. Most students take the SAT exam between one and three times depending on how they scored. SAT tutoring can allow them to better prepare and boost their chances of improving their results.

Timing Matters

Depending on the deadline for college applications, some students will want to take the SAT during their junior year so they have ample time to get their scores back and see if they want to retest. That means SAT prep should start early — possibly even during sophomore year. If you don’t like your first score, you can focus tutoring on areas you want to improve and try again without feeling like you have to cram to prepare.

Limited Test Dates

The SAT is only offered seven times per year — March, May, June, August, October, November, and December. Depending on your schedule and other obligations, you may not be available to take it on certain dates. This is especially true if your school is not a test center and you have to travel elsewhere to take the exam. Also, not all SAT subject tests are offered on each test date, so you must plan accordingly. Preparing early gives you more flexibility so you can register for a date that fits with your schedule without feeling rushed.

Ease Anxiety

If you know that you become very anxious when it comes to testing and it interferes with your ability to do your best, starting SAT tutoring early can be advantageous. You’ll be able to learn more about the types of questions used, the topics covered, and what strategies are most effective for you to select an answer. The more time you have to become familiar with the test and the material, the less stressed you may feel.

Start Preparing Early

SAT prep courses and tutoring are a great way to review key concepts and skills that will be covered on the exam. Starting early allows you to really dig in and focus on areas that you find the most challenging. If there are certain subjects that you struggle with, you can start working with a tutor long before you’ve even considering taking the SATs. It’s a wonderful way to build a strong foundation and continue expanding upon your knowledge and skills with a level of support that meets your needs.

Crafting Scholars offers both online and in-person SAT tutoring for high school students. Whether you’re a sophomore, junior, or senior, you may find these programs beneficial as you begin planning for your future. It’s not too early to learn more effective study skills and tackle tough concepts. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and develop a personalized learning plan for your tutoring.