Winter Break Activities to Reset for 2021

This year has been unlike any other, and after months of remote learning or hybrid learning, many students are feeling burned out. Just like teacher and parents, they are feeling the stress of having to adjust and trying to make the best of each situation. Winter break is a welcome reprieve and an opportunity to relax and reset before school resumes in the new year.

Take advantage of the time off from school to help your child unwind so they feel more energized and excited once school starts up again, no matter what form it may take. Here are a few ideas to make winter break more enjoyable:

· Disconnect.

Students have spent an incredible amount of time online over the past few months. Encourage them to disconnect and give their eyes (and their electronics) a break. Unearth projects or hobbies that were forgotten about. Spend time outside riding bikes, skateboarding, hiking, playing catch, or sitting around the firepit roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

· Play games.

Turn off the television, put down the iPad, and have a family game night. Pull out old board games or card games. Have a friendly competition of kids vs. adults or boys vs. girls. Plus, lots of games are actually educational while also being fun! You could also embark on putting together a puzzle so you have an activity that keeps you busy for several days.

· Get creative.

A lot of the online activities that students have been doing are not hands-on. Gather up a variety of art supplies and let them use their imagination to create whatever they want. Maybe they want to paint a picture, build a castle, make something out of clay, or design a game of their own. There are no requirements they have to meet and nothing is being graded — it’s free time to be creative.

· Read.

Dust off some old favorites from the bookshelf, check out books from the library, or pick up some new ones at the store. Let your child read whatever they find interesting, whether it’s a graphic novel, a biography about their favorite athlete, a fiction book, or even magazines. Schedule time for everyone to take a break, relax, and spend time reading.

· Engage in traditions — or start new ones.

This year has been incredibly busy. Slow down and make it a point to carry out some family traditions like baking grandma’s favorite cookies, watching a holiday movie, driving around town looking at the light displays, or donating clothes or toys to people in need. You could also start some new traditions that you want to keep doing year after year.

· Clean up school spaces.

Without scheduled Zoom meetings or assignments to get done, now is the time to clean, reorganize, and restock your child’s school space at home. Maybe they want to redecorate and rearrange. Let them make the space their own and somewhere they can comfortably work. Change things up a bit for 2021 based on what has or hasn’t worked well so far.

· Schedule tutoring.

Now that the year is almost halfway over, it’s even more important to keep things heading in a positive direction. With school on break for a few days, you can take a closer look at where your child is excelling, and where they are struggling. Tutoring can be a great way to bridge gaps in learning, reinforce key concepts, and provide additional academic support based on your child’s individual needs.

Sign up for in-person or online tutoring to help your child make the most of the second half of the school year and feel more confident in their abilities. Contact Crafting Scholars today to get started and learn more about our wide variety of programs.