Students persevered through remote learning and teachers did their best to cover necessary content with limited resources and time. Most districts were not designed to operate remotely, and transitioning had its challenges. As a result, there will be gaps in students’ learning. There will be concepts that they have not fully mastered. But everyone is working together to get students to where they need to be.

Reinforcing Core Content

Crafting Scholars recognizes that students are at different places in their learning. Some students retained more information from remote instruction than others. That is why we offer customized content support based on the courses each student is taking. Whether you are concerned that your child has fallen behind in math, English, science, history, or another subject, we can help.

A Collaborative Approach

While schools follow the Common Core State Standards, curriculum and topics of study can vary from one school to the next, and even one teacher to the next. That is why Crafting Scholars partners with educators to identify the content that they will be covering and provide students with one-on-one support. We use a combination of discussions with teachers, curriculum guides, syllabi, and course materials to deliver personalized tutoring.

We work in conjunction with classroom instruction to reinforce key concepts and skills that students need in order to build a strong foundation and succeed in higher level courses. Our highly skilled learning specialists are able to present information in a variety of ways so that it makes more sense to students and aligns with their individual learning styles. Students can ask questions and work through material they may not have fully understood in class or retained from last year.

Boosting Confidence

Receiving personalized content support that fits with what they are doing in class and builds connections with previously learned material can help students to feel more confident in their abilities. They realize that they know more than they thought, and that someone is there to help fill in gaps and keep them from falling behind.

The past year and a half has been tough, but students can bounce back and thrive this school year. The learning specialists at Crafting Scholars have a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience that enables them to effectively support students in a wide range of subjects. Most have been working with students throughout the coronavirus pandemic and understand the challenges that they have faced.

Whether your child is adjusting to changing classes in middle school or transitioning to more rigorous high school courses, content support can assist them in staying on track and developing the core skills they need after the inconsistency and unpredictability of the past 18 months. Contact Crafting Scholars today to learn more and sign up for content support in the subject areas your child needs to focus on most.