For the past year and a half, students have had to adjust to a new way of learning. They spent most of this time engaged in remote learning, or dividing their time between in-person and virtual lessons. Their schedules and routines were disrupted, and many had to figure out their own strategies for staying organized. This worked better for some students than others.

Now that most students will be returning to the classroom full-time come fall, effective study skills and organization habits will be crucial. They must get used to the structure and expectations of classroom learning and assessments once more, because replicating the behaviors they became accustomed to during remote learning could be disastrous.

Crafting Scholars has created a study skills organization assessment to identify the habits that students have developed over the past year and determine what skills they will need to be successful in the classroom. The assessment looks at key areas such as note taking, organization, study skills, and test prep. Then a customized curriculum is developed based on each student’s unique needs and areas for improvement. Lessons focus on:

Organizing Assignments

With all of their assignments posted online, many students forewent writing tasks down in a planner and organizing due dates. Everything was available at the click of a button. Now that they will be back in the classroom and less time will be spent on devices, it is essential that they write down each assignment, project, and test date so that they can plan accordingly.

Note Taking

Remote learning also led to less note-taking. Students would simply listen to the lesson and discussion, then complete their assignments online. They could go back to collaborative discussion boards and activities online if they needed more information.

During in-person learning, however, they will be expected to take notes by hand and keep an organized notebook for studying. Many students are lacking an entire year or more of notes and have nothing to go back and review. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. They need to develop strategies and systems that work for them, whether it is Cornell note taking, outlines, or other formats. Crafting Scholars can also help them figure out what is most important to write down.

Studying & Test Taking

Another area that may catch students by surprise is taking exams. During remote learning, assessments were online, and some students used their notes and assignments to help them during the test. They may have had a longer period of time to complete the assessment as well. Students who have recently taken the SAT or ACT exams realized that they felt unprepared to take tests in person.

In class, they must return to using more traditional test-taking skills such as remembering how to approach different types of questions, eliminating incorrect answers, and finding the best answers. They must develop effective study skills and focus on important information and concepts that they will need to recall. This can seem intimidating after a year and a half of remote or hybrid learning, or limited in-person instruction.

Crafting Scholars can equip students with essential knowledge and skills for studying and organization and ease the transition back to in-person learning. Make sure your child is prepared and ready to tackle the new year by signing them up for the study skills organization assessment and subsequent lessons based on their results. Set them up for success by contacting Crafting Scholars today.