Helping Charlotte, NC Students Tackle Advanced Math Courses

As students rise through the grade levels, it’s only logical that courses become more challenging. When Charlotte, NC high school students are faced with advanced math classes like pre-calculus and calculus, it can be intimidating. There are so many complex concepts to learn, and one small mistake can change the entire problem and possibly even leave it unsolvable.

In order to tackle these difficult concepts, there are many strategies students can use:

Review every day. Carve out a little bit of study time every day for calculus and go over what was learned in class that day and week. By practicing while it is still fresh in your mind, it will help to solidify some of the concepts. You can also make flashcards with different equations, formulas, and theorems on them to review when you have a few minutes of downtime anywhere you are.

Preview the text. Read ahead in your textbook to get an idea of what will be taught in class that day. Seeing the material ahead of time can make it more familiar when the teacher is lecturing, and you can pay more attention to concepts that don’t make sense.

Buddy up. Find a friend or two in your class with whom you can review notes and study. They may understand something that you didn’t and vice versa. Plus, having someone explain it in a different way can help. It also gives you someone to compare your work with and see where you might have made mistakes or are getting stuck.

Ask questions. Speak up in class. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand if there is something you don’t understand or need more examples or clarification for. Chances are, you are not the only one that could benefit from the extra help; others just might not have been as forward about asking.

Prepare early. If you know an exam is coming up, don’t wait until the last minute and cram all night. Start studying a few days in advance so you can identify concepts or problems you’re having difficulty with and ask for help.

Sign up for tutoring. When you reach higher level math classes like pre-calculus and calculus, it can be tough to find someone other than your teacher who really understands it. Fortunately, Crafting Scholars has some top-notch learning specialists who are well-versed in advanced mathematics and can work with Charlotte, NC students on even the most challenging concepts. Reinforce what you have learned in class, look at problems from a new perspective, and get help preparing for upcoming exams so you can show your best work.

The time for tutoring is before you fall too far behind. If you know you’ll be taking some difficult classes this year, be proactive and get the support you need today. Contact Crafting Scholars to find out how we can help!