The Importance of Having the Right Tools for Learning

Just because you send your child off to school every day does not mean that they have everything they need to be successful. Some of that starts at home with you as a parent. Of course reading with, talking to, and engaging with your child is critical to their development, but there are some other tools they need to support their learning as well.

School Supplies

Every year your child’s school distributes a list of what they need to bring on the first day. While it can be a pain to stock up on everything (and somewhat costly too), keep in mind that these are the things your child will need to better access their learning. Teachers have been planning lessons for weeks, so know that those post-it notes or index cards aren’t for nothing; they’re part of activities, learning strategies, and other things to help your child succeed.

Keep an eye out for back-to-school specials and sales to get items at a discounted price. If you can, pick up some extras (especially pencils!) to restock their supply throughout the year. There are also tons of community school supply drives where you can go to get free materials if cost is an issue.


Your child doesn’t necessarily have to have their own computer, but access to one is critical. While sometimes writing can be done at school, many reports and projects are expected to be typed at home. Plus, teachers often provide online resources where students can go for more information, and having Internet access can allow students to do research on their own. Don’t have Internet? Schedule time to visit the local library and use their computers and Internet.


Reading is something that your child should be doing every single day. Giving them a variety of materials to choose from can keep them interested and engaged. If they’ve read through your at-home library, check out the school, public, or university library for an almost never-ending supply of books and resource materials. Your child can not only find books to read for pleasure, but also tons of information for research papers or projects that don’t rely on the Internet (and some that do).


If your child is struggling, don’t you want them to receive the help they need to be successful? Tutoring is a great way for them to focus on areas or concepts they might find more challenging so they can develop a strong foundation to continue building upon. How can your child effectively learn advanced concepts if they don’t understand the basics first? Plus, they can get help with issues such as study skills, test preparation, organization, the writing process, and much more.

Having a tutor who understands your child’s needs and can present information in a way that makes sense to them is essential. Crafting Scholars creates personalized plans to fit your child’s needs and goals. Equip your child with the tools they need to succeed this year including tutoring from Crafting Scholars. Contact us today to get started!