How the Government Shutdown Could Affect Your Child’s Education

The government shutdown — now dragging on for more than four weeks — does not just impact federal employees. It affects all the touchpoints of the organizations that are currently suspended. Funding is being delayed, decreased, or halted all together. Federal websites are inaccessible. National parks are being overtaken by trash and lack of upkeep. In addition, the impact is beginning to trickle down to public education, which means students and faculty are soon to be affected.

For instance, millions of students rely on free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch programs, and families are supported by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). However, funding could run out in March if the government is not reopened. That means schools may not be able to afford these programs and children could be left hungry. This can have a negative impact on learning as it becomes harder for them to focus, concentrate, and retain information. Families may struggle make ends meet.

Many college students depend on federal loans and grants to afford their schooling. Without access to government websites or employees to process these requests, they may find that financial aid is delayed. Even graduate students, faculty, and researchers are feeling the pressure as they are losing research funding and access to data they need to continue their studies.

As the government shutdown persists, the effects stretch further and further. More organizations are impacted, more funding is delayed, and more Americans are faced with difficult decisions. Even schools are forced to decide how to spend thinly spread funding and which programs to potentially cut until things are resolved.

Focusing on the Positives

Everyone is trying to make the best of a difficult situation. Schools and other companies are opening up employment to federal workers who have been furloughed and are no longer receiving paychecks. They are trying to give them work, even if only for a short time. Restaurants and businesses are providing free or reduced-priced meals and services to try to provide support. Communities are pulling together to help those in need.

The truth is, no one knows exactly what the future may hold or how long the shutdown could last. However, they are looking ahead to try to anticipate challenges and put plans in place to deal with them. Despite the uncertainty, that does not mean that students should let up on their preparations for college or performing their best in school. Crafting Scholars can help students tackle test prep for the SATs or ACTs, provide tutoring for a wide range of subjects, and build study skills to empower student success. Contact us today to learn more.