How to Encourage Girls into STEM (And How Tutoring Can Help)

The STEM fields — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — have historically been dominated by the guys. Thankfully, there’s been some movement in the other direction lately. Today, schools, employers, parents, and even government agencies are looking to get more girls into these prestigious areas of study.

Given the sheer opportunity present in STEM fields, it’s natural to want to encourage your own girls in that direction — no matter if they show a natural affinity for the sciences or need a bit of motivation to open their mind toward the subject matter.

And there are a number of ways in which you can do that — both with and without the help of a tutor!

Ways to Encourage Girls into STEM Fields

Some steps you can take with your own daughters, granddaughters, or nieces:

Don’t delay!

One of the things that holds girls back is the lingering stereotype that females just aren’t cut out for math or science — beliefs that can start surprisingly early, and sometimes even by the educators who are tasked with teaching the subject! If you wait until your daughter is a teen to start counteracting that narrative, she may have already internalized it. Instead, begin training and encouraging her in math early on, even at age five or six. Work to spark a natural interest before she is exposed to harmful stereotypes purported by society.

Involve them.

Even if you’re not a technologist or an engineer, you probably use STEM principles in your daily life. For example, you use them when you’re measuring a wall for a DIY project, or flour and sugar for a cake you’re baking. Enlist your girls to help in these activities, and really drive home that what you’re doing is math and/or science.

Be open.

Your daughter may grow up to love cheerleading and all-things pink — you know: Typical “girly” stuff. But you know what? She can still really enjoy math and science, and be good at them! Don’t close off her possibilities or limit what she can achieve — even subconsciously. Go beyond stereotypes and realize that you may have to change your own perceptions and train of thought as you encourage a young girl to also have an open mind toward the STEM subjects.

Cater to her interests.

Another way to encourage your daughter in STEM? Show her how these fields relate to her current interests and hobbies. For instance, if she’s a video gamer, you can talk to her about how game design and app development are heavily scientific fields. Or, if she really enjoys helping in your garden or planting flowers around your home, speak with her about the field of botany. You will discover that as you consider her interests and what inspires her, there is very likely cross-over into STEM!

Don’t Forget to Check with Your Tutor!

One more thing: Remember that a good tutor can also be invaluable in encouraging your girl into STEM.

Spending time outside the classroom, doing science experiments or applying mathematical principles, can be a fun way for your daughter to discover a different side of herself. She may even realize just how rewarding math and science can be.

At Crafting Scholars, we’re passionate about tailoring our tutoring to the needs of each student — and in many cases, that means putting together ideas to nurture their natural affinity for STEM topics.

And of course, that goes for boys and girls alike.

Learn more about the link between tutoring and STEM success! Contact the team at Crafting Scholars today!