Has pop culture produced any nerd so noble, any bookworm so mighty, as Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger?

We think not! And whether you’re enrolling in Hogwarts or just trying to boost your English grade, Hermione can become your model for academic excellence.


Here’s how.

Show Some Pride

One thing we love about Hermione is that she owns it. She’s well-organized, she works hard, she studies long hours, she cares about doing well in school — and she doesn’t care whether you like it or not!

Be like Hermione. Take ownership of your academic rigor. Be proud of the work you put in — and don’t let the nonchalance of your peers take your eye off the prize.

Get an Early Start

No, we don’t necessarily mean rising at the crack of dawn. We mean studying for your exams before the eleventh hour. You shouldn’t need to spend an all-nighter cramming, not if you’ve been properly preparing all along.

Hermione was always familiarizing herself with her school books before work was even assigned — laying the foundation for a smooth, unhurried study process.

Do the Readings

Unlike Harry and Ron, Hermione actually read the materials she was supposed to — a fact she reminded them of on more than one occasion.

And while that may sound like an obvious point, it’s amazing how many students bypass it. Simply put, if your teacher gives you an assigned chapter or a print-out or an online link, you should take the time to read it.

Study with Others

Hermione was obviously the studious one at Hogwarts, so it often fell to her to explain things to Harry and to Ron.

There’s a lesson to be learned there: Sometimes, the best way to really grasp the material is to talk it through with other students, explaining it to them and having them explain it back to you. This is something you can do in a study group — or with your tutor!


Make Sacrifices

Every now and again, Hermione sat out of social functions so she could spend more time reading; you might even remember some instances of her reading during common room parties.

We’re definitely not saying that you have to give up on socialization just to be a good student, but you do need to make smart use of your time. Sometimes, that may mean saying no to something fun so that you can make sure you’re totally prepared for the next exam.

Find Your Inner Hermione

There’s a lot to be learned from Hermione — and even Muggles like us can take her academic wizardry to heart.

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