6 Fun Ways to Keep Learning Going Over Spring Break

Spring break is quickly approaching, and many students imagine spending the days lounging away, sleeping in until noon, hanging out with friends, and binging on their favorite TV shows. While this time off should definitely include some downtime and relaxation, it’s a good idea not to completely push learning aside. There are plenty of fun ways to help your student get the most out of break by continuing to polish their skills.

1. Visit a museum or historical site.

Check out a local science museum for some hands-on fun and exploration, or spend a day wandering around a nearby historical site. Places such as Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and Boston are rich with history if you’re planning a short vacation, but you can also find somewhere local to go on a day or overnight trip. Encourage your kids to research the town and different buildings or landmarks to find out more about them.

2. Get cooking or crafting.

Practice those math skills by measuring! Whether preparing ingredients to bake a favorite treat or figuring out the lengths of pieces for an arts and crafts project, your kids can have fun while using math. Let them build something they’re interested in and use critical thinking and problem solving to put it all together.

3. Watch a documentary.

Balance out their Netflix binging by incorporating a documentary or two. They still get to relax and unwind but are learning at the same time. Let them pick a subject that they’re interested in to keep their attention. You may even find they want to do extra research online or check some books out of the library to learn more!

4. Take a college tour.

Do you have a high school junior or senior planning for their future? Schedule a visit to a school they’re considering attending and learn about all that it has to offer. Campus tour guides are often current students and can answer a lot of questions your child may have about what the school is like. They can also get a feel for the campus and if it’s somewhere they can see themselves learning.

5. Set aside time to read.

All day, every day does not have to be focused on academics, but make a conscious effort to spend at least 30 minutes reading each day. It’s good to keep your kids in the routine of regularly reading and practicing those skills. Mix things up by selecting some fun short stories, a choose-your-own-adventure book, or maybe a guidebook for where you’re planning your summer vacation.

6. Sign up for a one-day class.

A lot of communities have a variety of activities to keep students busy over spring break. Look into options for things such as coding, cooking, photography, acting, science, or whatever else may pique your student’s curiosity. Maybe they want to try something they’ve never done before to see if they like it.

Spring break is a great time to reset and prepare for the end of the school year. Devote a little time to reorganizing their backpack and school supplies so they’re ready to go and can finish the year strong. It can also be helpful to squeeze in a few extra tutoring sessions so they can focus on learning without the distraction of other schoolwork and assignments. Crafting Scholars can help your child to stay organized, feel more prepared for exams, and tackle difficult concepts. Learn more by visiting www.craftingscholars.com today and contact us for more information.