What to Look for When Choosing a Tutoring Service

Whether your child is struggling to stay motivated in school, having difficulty with one specific area, or is trying to prepare for the SATs, ACTs, or an AP course, working with a tutor can be a great option for boosting performance. A tutor can work with your student to get them on the right track and support them with the skills and strategies they need to be more successful. But not every tutoring service is the same, and there are plenty of options available, so how do you know which one is right for your child?

1. Get Referrals

In addition to looking online, a great place to start is by asking friends and family who they’ve worked with before and would recommend. They can share their experiences — good and bad — to help you gather some options. You may want to check with your child’s teacher or school as well for referrals.

2. Ask about Experience

Find out what type of experience the tutors have. Do they hold certain certifications or licenses? What training do they have in the areas your child needs help with most? You want to find highly qualified professionals who are skilled in working with all different learning styles and academic needs. Also, will your child be working with just one person, or many tutors?

3. Look for Personalized Service

Tutoring shouldn’t take a cookie cutter approach because no two students are exactly the same. What does the center do to assess your child’s specific needs? How is tutoring customized to fit their learning style, strengths and areas for improvement, and academic goals? Your child shouldn’t just be a face in the crowd — their needs matter.

4. Focus on More than Content

While mastering course content is essential, look for a tutoring service that goes beyond just content and also works with your child on organization, confidence, test taking strategies, and more. These are all factors that impact their performance.

5. Discuss Goals

Talk about your child’s goals and what they want to accomplish. Discuss how tutoring can help them to reach the next level and prepare for college, the workforce, or even the next grade level. You want to select a tutoring center that aligns with your child’s needs and ambitions so you can get the most out of available services and know that what they’re learning is meaningful and applicable.

6. Consider Scheduling

What times is the tutoring center open? Does that work with your child’s schedule, your schedule, and any other commitments they have? Is scheduling flexible or do they offer weekend sessions as well? Tutoring will not be as effective if you’re always late getting there or missing sessions.

7. Check Communication

What type of communication is provided so that you can monitor your child’s progress? Do they update you after each session? Weekly? On a different schedule? If you have questions, who do you talk to? You want to build a positive rapport with your child’s tutor so your child feels comfortable, supported, and can do their best work. As a parent, you want to stay involved so if something is not working, you can work with the center to find a solution.

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