College Prep: Planning Ahead While in High School

While a lot of students see high school graduation as a finish line, it’s also a starting line for college. Waiting until the last minute to starting thinking about higher education can add a lot of unnecessary stress. It can mean trying to cram in a lot of activities in a short time. Instead, a better approach would be to start planning early, before graduation is right around the corner. Use your four years of high school to build your readiness for college and boost your chances of getting into one of your top choice schools.

· Choose Classes Wisely

If you have an idea of what type of career you might want to pursue, or major you want to study in college, gear your classes around these interests. For instance, if you have the option of taking Statistics or Calculus, decide which one fits better with your goals. Select your electives wisely, rather than just opting for what you think might be easy or fun. Think about how they could support your future studies.

· Start Compiling a Portfolio

Gather up documents that could support your college application. Save projects or papers you have written that demonstrate strong writing skills, research ability, or content knowledge. Keep all of your test scores and grades in one place so that when you go to fill out applications, you have everything you need on hand.

· Take the SATs/ACTs

While the SATs and ACTs are optional for some colleges and universities, they are recommended or required for others. It is a good idea to start preparing early and take them for the first time in your junior year. Then, if you need or want to take them again, you still have time before college application deadlines.

If you struggle with test anxiety, taking the PSATs can help you to better understand what to expect, and signing up for test prep courses can equip you with specific skills and strategies that can be beneficial for test taking. You can feel more confident in your own abilities and be prepared to do your best.

· Improve Your Study Skills

Do you have a habit of procrastinating when it comes to projects or cramming all of your notes into one binder and then scrambling to find what you need? Now is the time to improve your study and organizational skills. Invest in a quality planner, separate your notes by subject, create a to-do list breaking down bigger projects or exams into smaller chunks, and learn how to study more effectively. These are skills you will need in college, so you might as well start building them up now to boost your high school performance and make the transition to college a little easier.

· Get Tutoring

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Some courses and concepts are tough! Tutoring can empower you to learn information in a way that makes more sense to you and reinforce skills you find challenging. The one-on-one focused attention and ability to ask questions and try different strategies can be just what you need to be more successful. Don’t wait until it’s too late to try to bring up a poor grade. Focus on making your academic performance shine.

Crafting Scholars offers personalized learning plans tailored to your unique learning style and needs. Get help with not only course content but also test preparation, writing skills, organization, study skills, and more. Present the best version of yourself on your college applications, and feel more confident in your own abilities through quality tutoring. Contact Crafting Scholars today to learn more and schedule an appointment.