Getting a Head Start on College Planning This Summer

Another school year is over, and that means one year closer to graduation and college. Now is the time to start thinking ahead about majors and careers rather than waiting until college has started. While there are many students who go in undecided, having at least some idea of what you want to study is beneficial. Make the most of summer break when it comes to preparing for your future:

· Visit College Campuses

Now that you have more free time, schedule campus visits with colleges you’re interested in. Get a feel for what you like and don’t like, how the university is laid out, and what the surrounding town has to offer. You may step onto the campus of a school you were unsure about and absolutely love it, while you visit a school you thought was your top choice and find out it’s not what you were expecting after all.

· Volunteer or Shadow to Explore Your Options

If you have a career or even career field in mind, do a little outreach to see if you can shadow someone in their job for a day, or if you can volunteer in an area that interests you. This will allow you to gain some hands-on experience and first-hand insight into how things work. Ask questions to better understand the job and if it’s something that fits well with your interests and goals.

· Talk to Family and Friends

What better way to learn about jobs than by talking to people who actually do them? Ask family and friends about what they do, what they like and don’t like about their job, what other jobs they’ve worked, what they studied in school, what they wish they had studied in school, and so on. Everyone’s experiences are different, even if they have the same job title, so keep an open mind.

· Research Degree Programs

Just because you love to do something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a practical career choice. If you’re passionate about art or history, do some research to find out what jobs these majors can help you attain, and what the outlook in those career fields are. You may decide to pick a different major and pursue your passion as a minor or something on the side. Look into what jobs are expected to be in demand or continue to grow in the next few years and see if something aligns with your interests.

· Observe Summer Classes

Worried about what to expect when it comes to college versus high school? Ask about observing a class or two over the summer. Sitting in on a lecture can help you get a better feel for what college courses are like and the expectations. Some colleges also offer programs for high school students to learn more about the school, different degree programs, and preparing for college in general. Take advantage of these opportunities.

College can be a major life transition. Equip yourself with the study skills, organization, and learning strategies you need to be more successful with help from the learning specialists at Crafting Scholars. Contact us today to learn more about summer sessions and SAT/ACT prep!