Integrating Fun Science Concepts into Summer Break

One of the main highlights of summer break for students is the fact that they’re not in the classroom learning. However, too much free time spent idly doing nothing can lead to “summer slide” where students forget a lot of what they’ve learned. Keep learning going this summer in fun ways that align with your child’s interests and pique their curiosity.

Take advantage of summer programs. There are a lot of organizations that offer one-day or multi-day educational classes for youth and young adults. Sign your kids up for a robotics or coding class, a bug camp, STEM programs, or other activities. Give them several options to see what they’re most interested in.

Explore local resources. Charlotte is home to Discovery Place, which offers amazing hands-on learning opportunities for kids through fun activities. You can also make an appointment to check out the EnergyExplorium at McGuire Nuclear Station in Huntersville. Or, visit a nature reserve or park to see animals and plants in their natural habitats. A quick Internet search can return lots of options depending on where you live or want to travel.

Do at-home experiments. You can buy science kits, look online, or check books out of the library for fun (and safe) experiments you can try at home such as making slime, exploring electricity, testing gravity, building volcanoes, growing crystals, and examining basic chemistry concepts.

Watch documentaries or videos. Too hot to go outside? Do you just want a little downtime? Put on a science documentary or show like Myth Busters. There are also plenty of YouTube videos that show how things work. Keep your kids mesmerized and learning at the same time. It might even spark their interest to do additional research on their own.

Plant a garden. This is something your kids can work on all summer. Let them pick what seeds to plant, prepare the soil, do the watering and weeding, and watch their hard work pay off. They can see the plants in all different stages and then enjoy the fruits of their labor, whether that comes in the form of flowers, vegetables, or literal fruit!

You don’t have to pack every minute of every day with educational activities, but make it a point to schedule in some learning. Take fieldtrips around your town, have supplies on hand for creative building or experimenting, explore educational apps online, and watch interesting videos. Let your kids lead the way by expressing what they’re interested in and want to know more about.

You can also keep their minds sharp, reinforce what they learned in school, and extend this knowledge through summer tutoring at Crafting Scholars. We’ll work with you to create a plan that fits your child’s needs and goals. Contact us today for more information!